Past talks

#5 Creating communities through music

For its last talk for the year, Barsati invites Faith Gonsalves as its speaker who is the founder of Music Basti, a community music and media learning service. Set up in 2008, Music Basti connects at-risk children, youth and artists, with the aim to inspire growth and a sense of community through a creative and joyful music learning experience. Its community based music approach not only focuses on child-development and learning, but also provides the large urban populations of children and youth who are living on the fringes of our economic social and cultural life with a voice to express themselves.

At the fifth Barsati talk, Faith will talk about how her team of talented volunteers have been using music to build the confidence, creativity and leadership qualities of children from marginalised backgrounds, at risk or low income communities, residential care homes and schools in Delhi.

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