Investigating Urban Housing Context in Ahmedabad

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mHS CITY LAB in partnership with SAATH Charitable Trust, and supported by Abdul Jamil Lateef Poverty Action Lab (JPAL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology is investigating the Urban Housing Context in the city of Ahmedabad.

Incrementam Housing as seen in Behrampura in Ahmedabad
Incremental Housing as seen in Behrampura in Ahmedabad

We are carrying out a research study on understanding the socioeconomic conditions of homeowners/tenants in six informal settlements. A technical module has also been designed to understand the structures in these settlements culminating into an analysis based on two verticals- Quality of the structure and Safety of the structure.

Over the past 4 months, the team from mHS CITY LAB has held two intensive training sessions and have run a pilot survey (in Khodiyarnagar) with the surveyors team of SAATH and JPAL on the technical module and the socioeconomic module.

Training session with the SAATH team of surveyors
Training session with SAATH’s team of surveyors