Ahmedabad Pilot – Testing Planning & Estimation Digital Tool

Financial planning and construction management are two of the many crucial decisions a home-owner takes while building a house. For low-income dwellers, building incrementally in informal settlements, these decisions become complex and multi-layered processes owing to their economic vulnerability. In spite of this, advice on building their most valuable assets is sought from traditionally trained local masons and […]

Digital Tools – Revolutionize the Incremental Housing Sector

Low-income urban dwellers in India face crucial but complex decisions when they engage in the construction or expansion of their houses, their most valuable assets. From financial planning to construction management, they rely solely on advice from neighbours and local masons and their decisions often lead to poor use of limited financial resources and technical […]


mHS City Lab continues its engagement with the homeless communities with the goal to influence the policy and provide practical solutions that could alleviate the life of the millions of homeless in Indian urban centers. One milestone of this activity is the 100 Shelters campaign that saw the production and distribution of over 100 tents to homeless […]

Improving Informal Settlements

mHS is working with JPAL (Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab) at MIT to investigate the impact of mason training on the built environment and understand if the current poor quality of informal housing is a demand or supply constraint problem.


Design Home Solutions

mHS conceptualized DHS to bring construction finance and technical assistance to households. In part...

Modular Shelter

There are anywhere between 5-8 million homeless people in urban India. The majority of these are dai...

Our rooftop office

In Fall 2012, the mHS technical team designed and self-built its own office space on a rooftop in Gr...