#5 Creating communities through music

For its last talk for the year, Barsati invites Faith Gonsalves as its speaker who is the founder of Music Basti, a community music and media learning service. Set up in 2008, Music Basti connects at-risk children, youth and artists, with the aim to inspire growth and a sense of community through a creative and joyful […]

#4 Broadcasting Better Cities

This month’s Barsati speaker is Arti Jaiman, the Station Director of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio, a community radio station in Gurgaon that has been on air since 2009. Set up by the NGO, The Restoring Force, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is a National Award-winning station that has a listenership of over 5 lakh listeners who tune […]

#3 Journalism for Inclusive Cities @Barsati

This month’s Barsati speaker is Neha Dixit, an independent journalist who will talk on issues of social justice based on her work on covering slum eviction in Delhi and the individual journeys of migrant workers. The rapid urbanisation in our country has created a deep schism in our socio-economic fabric which further oppresses lower income […]

#2 Performing Public Space @ Barsati

This month’s Barsati speaker is Niranjani Iyer who will talk on using performing arts to raise crucial questions on access to public spaces in Indian cities. Her 2012 public project Framing Spaces invited the audience to renew their way of looking at the space through a choreographed mode of observation. Conceptualized and directed by Niranjani […]

#1 Tech for Change @ Barsati

Barsati brings its first event in a ‘jugalbandi’ format through the work of Guneet Narula along with Mridul Sharma and Rajan Zaveri, who are using technology and media to bring about positive social change in our cities. It’s going to be an interactive session with new and emerging themes on the role of technology in […]

Tambu Talk #5 PUBLIC ART

How can we create more socially and economically inclusive public spaces? Under the theme of Public Art, Sreejata and Mrityunjay talk about engaging with communities through their art practice. Sreejata and Mrityunjay have been collaborating on various art projects in India and abroad as Revue. Through the medium of community-based art, design pedagogy and media-focused […]


How can access to public spaces affect the rights of street performers such as magicians? Under the theme of performing arts, Ishamudin talks about the urgent need to recognize the rights of street performers and save dying traditional arts of India. While traditionally Indian street art had been an integral part of our cities and villages, […]


How can we increase access finance to service providers such as auto rickshaw drivers? Under the theme of microfinance, Durgesh talks about Inmotion – an initiative that disrupts traditional financial ecosystem for daily wage earning communities of India. InMotion is a ‘fintech’ startup for the unorganized service providers of our cities that is revolutionizing their […]


How can a library engage families living in informal settlements through ideas and books? Under the theme of Interactive learning, Mridula and Michael talk about Deepalaya Community Library Project that involves and contributes to communities. The Deepalaya Community Library Project is a library/reading project based in Ramditti J R Narang Deepalaya School in Sheikh Sarai […]


Our cities today are divided along various lines – from density or economic backgrounds to caste, gender etc. Less known are the divisions that sleep carves out of urban spaces. Under the theme of storytelling, Shaunak uncovers the realm of sleep in the city of Delhi through his documentary.  ‘Cities of Sleep’ takes us into a heady world […]